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Alexis Information Systems is a Quickbooks Solutions provider

As a Quickbooks Solution Provider, we are authorized to provide Quickbooks product knowledge and / or consulting. We help choose, lawfully obtain, install, setup and use the software in any country. Initial setup, data migration, advanced inventory, barcodes scanning setup, custom reporting, add-on Apps integration and tech support including hardware issues.

Alexis Information Systems strives to provide professional, courteous, client-centered customer service that goes beyond just getting the job done – we get the job done right. Working with us means having someone on your team you can trust. We maintain an ongoing assessment of your Quickbooks needs and provide suggested changes thereby maximizing cost effectiveness and eliminating unnecessary spending.

Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions (watch videos), Quickbooks Point of Sale (watch videos), Quickbooks Premier/Pro/Mac, and QBO.

Alexis Information Systems is a Quickbooks Solutions provider