About Alexis Information Systems

Denise Brooks (bio)

Ceo & Founder

The company was founded in Springdale in 2007 by Denise Brooks. Her technology management experience with companies of all sizes from small businesses to multi-million dollar companies has led her to spend a lot of time in researching new features and options. Technology is her passion and teaching is her way of sharing it.

Denise Brooks is a technology professional with close to two decades of experience as a consultant specializing database driven media. She has first-hand experience in the process of moving a business online.

She studied at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Denise wrote Create a new website in one day using WordPress to help small business owners who can not afford the web services.

Denise's Journey

Customer Overview

Arkansas Customers
International Customers
Retailers with over 3000 customers
Enterprises with over 50 employees
Health Care Professionals
Successful Solo Entrepreneurs

Alexis information systems is defined by professionalism. We meet our project deadlines and you will always have a clear visibility of what we are doing. Further, if privacy is of particular importance in your project, we will naturally sign an NDA. Our goal is to show you how you can make money from any project you presented to us whether that project is a website, and inventory issue or credit card processing. Your satisfaction always comes first.

Business Services

Alexis Information Systems offers three services: technology consulting, web development and training. These services can be used individually or combined as needed.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting consists of three separate but internally cooperative components:

  • Inventory management of products and/or services
  • Retail solutions
  • Getting paid online using payment acceptance solutions

Technology consulting requires an ongoing relationship with clients. Businesses grow and evolve as does technology. Upgrading integrated systems, procedures and implementation through training as well as keeping up with cutting edge technology complements compatibility with other businesses is a continuous process. One advantage of an outside consultant is an objective analysis of your technology needs rather than a possibly biased internal analysis that may conflict with efficiency. Hearing “no, that won’t work” is hard but better than squandering time and money.

Website Design and Development

Technology consulting and web development frequently go hand in hand as web development seeks to make your site as customer friendly as possible which may require changes in your current technology. Web development requires an analysis of the entire business so that your website works smoothly for you and for your on-site customers.

Technology is constantly evolving with improved programs, features and options. We stay abreast of all those improvements and then individually optimize what you need so that visitors will turn into customers. We translate how you treat visitors in person into how you treat them on the web.

Our expertise is to help sell online and set up everything you need. The process begins with refining your target audience followed by identifying your procedures and refining them for greatest efficiency. We develop a product catalog including defining categories, developing descriptions and using pictures and or videos. Next we designed ways to engage customers visiting your website while making sure the online store is efficient. Following that we will discuss the advantages of discounts and coupons and finish with developing end of sales procedures such as tax deductions, shipping options whether from your site or elsewhere including appropriate time schedules and selecting the most appropriate payment method for your business.

In order to optimize sales, adaptations that adjust according to the visitors’ technology mode is necessary so that using a desktop computer or an iPad or other portable mode is friendly with that device. Your site will appear in simple search engines such as Google or Bing therefore engaging customers immediately and in a way that is familiar. Mobile apps are equally important and are searched by name in an app store which has been previously downloaded. We will ensure a thumb friendly quick and easy mobile option which allows customers to visit your site no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Business Technology Compliance

Companies today need a culture of security within? their firms, and compliance regulations are difficult to understand much less implement. We are there to lead you to a system that works for your business. We will educate you about regulations and expected compliance procedures in regards to data privacy. Further company liability in the areas of identity theft and litigation can be improved through systematically creating a culture of security that shields your business. Our approach will help you find an efficient and logical pathway to understanding, compliance and peace of mind.