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Alexis Information Systems offers three services: technology consulting, web development and training. These services can be used individually or combined as needed. Our goal is to show you how you can make money from any project you presented to us whether that project is a website, and inventory issue or credit card processing. Your satisfaction always comes first.

Technology consulting requires an ongoing relationship with clients. Businesses grow and evolve as does technology. Upgrading integrated systems, procedures and implementation through training as well as keeping up with cutting edge technology complements compatibility with other businesses is a continuous process. One advantage of an outside consultant is an objective analysis of your technology needs rather than a possibly biased internal analysis that may conflict with efficiency. Hearing “no, that won’t work” is hard but better than squandering time and money.

Get on the web

We create websites that can be displayed on any device.


Start selling your products and services online.

Store Locators

Multi location business locator to help your visitors find you.

Inventory Solutions

We have online and offline options scalable to any business.

Places Verification

Get verified on Google and Bing to accelerate web visibility.

Paperless Solutions

Reduce wait time by offering online forms to your customers.

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