General Pricing


Alexis Information Systems is a unique digital product agency offering web development, custom software implementation, training and technology services.

Although every client has specific needs, we would like to give you a general idea of our pricing.

Free Assessments

We would like to know how to help you by speaking to you first. Here are ways to get in touch with us:

Quickbooks Services

As a Quickbooks Solution Provider, we are authorized to provide Quickbooks product knowledge and / or consulting. We can help users choose, lawfully obtain, install, setup and use the software in any country for any country.

  • Get a free trial of Quickbooks Enterprise, Quickbooks Point of Sale, or Quickbooks Online
  • We offer managed services for businesses who use Quickbooks.
    We are required to provide this service during business hours
    (per Intuit, not our rule!)
    Prepaid Quickbooks service vouchers with Alexis Information Systems are available
  • Quickbooks software training or support (remotely), our rates start at $135
  • QuickBooks Point of sale support rates here
  • Corporate Training sessions for Quickbooks + Excel start at $1200 for 4 hours session and 6 attendees Max. Request a quote here
  • Quickbooks Advanced Inventory consulting starts at $375 per hour and can only be scheduled with a signed agreement.
  • Custom QuickBooks Implementation which includes setup, lists imports (customers, inventory, vendors), custom integration, and employee training start at $4,500 depending on the level of complexity.
We are limited on travel availability. Please inform us in advance if you are looking for someone to be at your location and we will determine if we can help you or refer you to another provider closer to you.

Web Development

To request a quote, go here
Free website preparation sheet is available to download when you subscribe to our e-mail list
Starting rates for new websites:

  • HTML template customization start at $2400
  • Weebly by square website flat fee of $2500
  • Custom WordPress packages start at $3500 + recurring maintenance fees
  • Shopify setup with up to 1000 items inventory start at $3500 + recurring maintenance fee
  • Custom Drupal websites start at $8000 + recurring maintenance fees
  • Custom E-commerce website with 10000 SKUs and your own ERP integration start at $30000
Wordpress maintenance and on-going support rates are here

Customer Perks

Alexis Information Systems strives to provide professional, courteous, client-centered customer service that goes beyond just getting the job done – we get the job done right. Working with us means having someone on your team you can trust to ask tech related questions. We maintain an ongoing assessment of your technology needs and provide free assessment of any potential software purchase thereby maximizing cost effectiveness and helping to eliminate unnecessary spending. We even have a discount available to you on Quickbooks products should that prove to be an option for you.

As a member of the Alexis Information Systems family, you receive the benefit of our proven track record of success and signature experience. Not only do we listen to your business goals, we take them into consideration when determining your technology needs. As a client, you have access to priority scheduling and our yearly magazine featuring fellow clients and the ways in which our various services have contributed to their success.

We offer a variety of technology services, let us know how we can serve your business today. Contact us