Technology Management

Free 1 hour consultation to discuss your business goals

Technology consulting requires an ongoing relationship with clients. Businesses grow and evolve as does technology. Upgrading integrated systems, procedures and implementation through training as well as keeping up with cutting edge technology complements compatibility with other businesses is a continuous process. One advantage of an outside consultant is an objective analysis of your technology needs rather than a possibly biased internal analysis that may conflict with efficiency.

As part of our relationship, we will provide you with an on-going assessment and coordination for all technology services.

  • Technical Support
  • Business software application services, including installation and implementation
  • Database support
  • Security environment
  • Computer server environment
  • Backups and recovery planning.

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Alexis Information Systems applies a technology approach to business management for businesses of all types and sizes. The retail, service and manufacturing industry are heavily represented in our diverse client base with businesses ranging from midsized operations to multimillion dollar companies worldwide.