Working with Your Wordpress Site

Posted On: October 15, 2019

Getting Started

To access your website Dashboard, type the following address into your browser:

Where “yourdomain-name” is the name of your website.

Edit Your Website Settings

Once you are logged in, your “Dashboard” will be displayed. Use the dark menu panel on the left side of the page to get into your General Settings by mousing over “Settings” and then clicking “General.”

Change Your Website Layout

The WordPress theme is a set of colors and layouts in charge of the way your site looks.

Add a Theme to Your Website

theme is basically the overall look and feel of your website. Wordpdress provides a collection of templates and stylesheets you can use to customize the appearance of your website.

From your Dashboard, once again, using the dark menu panel at the left of your screen, mouse over “Appearance” and then click “Themes.”

How to Select a Theme

Click: Add New then Filter

A website menu is basically a collection or list of links, the most common of which is a "navigation menu."

To add a website Menu, mouse over “Appearance” in the left menu panel, and click on “Menus.”

How to Create Content

Content is material on your website that adds value to your audience. This material can include text, images, videos, and animations. There are several ways to create content for your website.

Add a Blog Post 

Locate “Posts” in the left menu, then click on “Add new.”

Add a Static Page

A static page is usually the front page, or homepage, of your website. To add a static page, find “Pages” in the left menu, then click on “Add New.”

Upload Images to a Post or Page

Make a post or page more interesting or helpful by uploading an image

Before closing out of adding a Post or Page look for "Add Media"

Creating Links on a Page or in a Post

Make it easier for your readers to find more information on your subject or find your products by providing lnks.

Before closing out of Add a Page or Post, look for

How to Change the Website Features

Plugins are ways to extend your site functionality and WordPress features.

A bunch of programming code written by a set of developers for *free*… Before installing one, ask yourself, “Is this essential and is the plugin developed by an individual or a firm?” Check their ratings at

Search Engine Optimization

Here are three steps you can take towards Search Engine Optimization.

Start by locate “Settings” on the left menu bar and select “General.”          

1) Put your business name in the “Site Title.”

2) Use your region in the “Tag Line.”

3) Add an "Alt Tag" to each picture.

On the left menu bar, find “Media,” then click on “Library.”

Click on an image:

Enter "Alt Tag" in "Alternative Text" field.

For a PDF copy of this tutorial, click here