WordPress Maintenance Services Plans

Posted On: February 08, 2021

WordPress is the most popular website builder platform for several good reasons. First, the WordPress content management system is available through – for free.

Secondly, you can create a range of website types from a personal blog or business website, to eCommerce, photography websites, online communities, job boards and podcasting websites. All without having to learn any programming skills.

There’s more. When building your WordPress website, the theme is what determines how your site looks. There are many such free themes to choose from that make it easy for you to put together your website without having to know about website design. Plus, there are more advanced, paid themes available as well.

As your needs change and grow, WordPress makes it easy to upgrade your site with plugins that can add functions and features to your website such as an online store, memberships, or live chat. There are also plugins and elements to maintain site and information security – especially if you will be handling any personal and/or financial information. Depending on what they do, some plugins are free, many are paid. However, the silver lining here is that you can choose and pay for only what you need without having to purchase a “package” with elements you’ll never use.

Once your WordPress website is built and you are utilizing paid plugins you will have something that represents an investment in time and money. Plugins will require updating, with some of those updates being related to security and compliance regulations, particularly in the aforementioned case of dealing with personal and financial information.

Keeping up with the updates and changes in regulations, even differences in state sales tax and shipping costs in the case of online sales, can be overwhelming and take time away from the business of, well, doing business. Additionally, if you aren’t a tech whiz, getting help to resolve broken site or plugin issues can be costly in downtime and consulting fees – especially if, after having tried to solve a problem on your own, you may have compounded what might have started out as a relatively minor issue.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone or get an education in information technology to carry on. Allowing knowledgeable professionals to handle your website and ecommerce platform maintenance will give you the peace of mind of knowing your updates, security, and compliance will be up to date without having to worry that you might be missing or forgetting something. It also allows you to budget more effectively in the event that issues do come up. An important benefit to having a maintenance support plan is it will help to minimize any downtime your site and/or store will experience in the event of an issue. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of working with someone who is familiar with you and the inner workings of your website.

Alexis Information Systems has WordPress Maintenance Services plans available with varying levels of support available depending on whether you’re mainly blogging and sharing information, running a smaller, e-commerce extension of a local business, or a national e-commerce business involving shipping and sales taxes to and in other states. A maintenance support plan is a way to help protect your investment.