Website Trends

Posted On: February 08, 2021

2021 is here, and with a new year comes a new attitude that can be summed up in one word: “Pivot.” It’s no secret that the landscape of business is changing to include a much larger virtual component. And, in business – as in life – the marketing “pivot” is key to navigating the road to your goal.

“Sometimes we assume, without considering all the options, that a pivot means changing our product. ‘Customers don’t like what we’re selling, so we need to sell something else,’ an entrepreneur might think. But what if it isn’t that complicated? What if the solution isn't to change what you're selling, but how you're selling it?” – Josh Steimle, Pivot Your Marketing Instead of Your Product,

Website trends for 2021 according to Think With Google isn’t so much a trending visual design element like color/color combination, or buzz and key words. Rather, it is a focus on content – content that is tailored to the needs and wants of the consumer, and the tools available to inform your development of that content.

“Were seeing that 80% of people are going back and forth between search and video on their consumer journey…they want to see what the product looks and feels like…have someone walk them through what that product looks like…” – Bethany Poole, Director, Ads Marketing at Google

With the current mandates and social distancing practices, people are missing the opportunity not only to see and touch products for themselves, they are also missing the human connection factor of interacting with knowledgeable sales staff. It isn’t enough to see a picture of a product and read reviews.

“…the beauty of video is…stories don’t have an exact time. There is content that can be told in an hour or there’s content that can be told in 6 seconds and that’s all you need to connect with that piece of content.” – Andres Ordonez, EVP, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Chicago

So, creating video content to spotlight products doesn’t require feature film level production budgets and extensive story lines. Your goal is to connect with the consumer by showing them how this product fits into their lives – provide the “experience” of the product virtually. In essence, the product becomes a character in the story.

“With good analytics comes good intel for what your customer wants.” – Drew Casey, VP of channel platforms at Vistaprint

How do we achieve this personalization? Tools such as Google Analytics can help you track trends  - in near real time - what consumers are searching for and spending their time interacting with on your website. Even better, Benchmarking in Google Analytics can help you to track trends and how what you are doing compares to what is happening in your industry. This allows you to keep pace with rising trends and time your pivots to keep riding the crests of the waves.

What are the website trends for2021? A pivot of focus toward listening to what the customer wants. The goal is to reconcile the (website) experience we want to give the customer with the experience they want and have them be one and the same.