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Instructor Led Training Instagram Workshop

The purpose of Instagram is to allow people to spend hours captivated by the diversity and beauty of the world through images with only minimal conversation to disturb the silence. People today crave peace and ideas from free association. Instagram is one of the fastest growing avenues for them to both. Instagram is mobile driven and designed for smart phone use.

This workshop will teach you how to foster genuine relationships with your clients and prospects and how to use the advertisement features to reach a larger audience.

1.How to transform your profile into a business profile and why you need to do it

2.Ten business tips about Instagram stories

3.How to use Boomerang and Hyperlapse to captivate your audience.

4.Learn how to build and maintain an Instagram tribe.

5.Shopping and selling on Instagram



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5:30PM - 7:00PM

Posted on July 19, 2018