Shopify : How to Set Up Curbside Pickup Scheduling During the Pandemic

Posted On: October 26, 2020

During this pandemic, curbside pickup has drastically changed and has been the lifeline for numerous businesses. Buyers have also benefited from this option as it is a convenient way to get items the same day while also avoid shipping costs. 

According to, 31% of buyers said they used the option for the first time between March - June, while 72% reported that they used curbside pickup more often as compared to the beginning of 2020. With that said, curbside pickup will most likely remain steady through the end of the year due to safety concerns and convenience. 

If a significant part of your customer base is already local, or you plan to attract more local customers in the future, consider offering curbside pickup as an option at checkout. 

Visit the Shopify App Store and add the app Timlify

In your store, go to Apps in the left side navigation


Select Timlify

Select the drop down menu next to Actions


Select “Add Schedule”

Fill out the information required by selecting your date

Then edit your time you would like to schedule the pickup

Once completed, the filled out information should look like the following screenshot


Then hit “Save Information” when everything looks correct

This will then take you to your scheduled list of pickup times and you are all done!