Sell online and get paid on Cyber Monday 2020

Posted On: October 27, 2020

Are you running late on setting your online store for 2020's Cyber Monday? Do you have the very popular app called Square? 

During this crash course on ecommerce and point of sale setup, Denise tells business owners how Square products can be extended to generate sellable links for quick online checkout.

Tip 1 : Best ways to record the items 

It is important to add a category and SKU to the items. This information will later on be useful when you scale up. 

Tip 2 : You are the driver of your sales 

When you record the available inventory in your Square, you are telling the Systems how many you have or do not have to sell.

Tip 3 : Sales tax 

In Square, you can enter the sales tax for multiple locations. 

Tip 4 : Shipping rates 

If you are not offering free shipping to your customers, plan on recording the shipping rates *before* you start selling.


Here is the secret to running a successful Cyber Monday campaign.

Dbfromalexis · Encouraging you to talk about your specials for Cyber Moday