Relax, We’ve Got This!

Posted On: October 08, 2018

Websites can be like old sweatpants, familiar and comfortable but with holes and worn out elastic. A new pair looks perfect and you know the elastic is doing its job. But technology and customers’ technology preferences change so fast that websites lose their elasticity and productivity without you even noticing.

Alexis Information Systems specializes in designing, developing and maintaining websites that fit your business as well as a new pair of sweatpants. You will be able to offer online what you give to your customers in person but with maximum business efficiency.

We will analyze your business and find the most efficient way to increase your online presence and productivity. We will refine your target audience and develop a catalog with descriptions supported by pictures or videos. Color and layout are designed to engage customers rather than simply providing data. We will also smooth end of sales procedures such as tax deductions, shipping and customer friendly payment methods. Finally, we will make sure the fit stays perfect as your business, customer preferences, and technology change.