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Email Marketing is one of the most powerful sales tools needed by businesses of all sizes.Right now, social media channels such as Facebook are deceptive in handling your posts. Think about it, how much time are you spending posting? and why aren’t your followers reacting to your posts? Well, truth be told, unless you pay a few $$ to boost the post, no one will see it. Why continue wasting time? Stop wasting time and losing money. Come learn what it takes to craft effective e-newsletters to get a better return on the time you are spending for social media work.

Denise will present based on years of research and data collection using Mailchimp and Instagram.

• Top 3 reasons to add an email campaign

• No-hassle ways to craft an email for a guaranteed sale.

• Instagram is booming and how you can get on board …correctly.

• Understanding the concept of remarketing using Mailchimp and Instagram.

• Ways to interpret your tracking report and converting it into leads list.


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10:00AM - 12:00PM

Posted on July 19, 2018