INSOMNIAC SERIES : Stay up late with me in April to learn database management

Posted On: April 01, 2020

April 6, 2020

Hi. I am Denise Brooks. Owner and founder of Alexis Information Systems.
Like you, I am adapting my life to our new normal during the pandemic and the lockdown (stay home please!). One of my new normal is the wonderful return of my insomnia. To fight it, I will host a series of data management demo followed by a Q&A.
Week 1 : Pivot tables in Microsoft Excel
Week 2 : Introduction to data management
Week 3 : How to write a query in Microsoft Access
Week 4 : How to write SQL statements

April 9, 2020

Let's open our 4 parts series on data management with learning Pivot tables.
For the demo, I used data exported from Quickbooks Point of Sale sample store.

April 16, 2020

Week 2 of 4 of our Insomniac series learning data management.
A database is a collection of data. What else? Learn in this 2 minutes video.