Encouraging Ways to Interpret Your Website Traffic

Posted On: September 29, 2020

The main take away was to learn how to use Google tools (Google Analytics and Google My Business) to make decisions for your website using traffic data that you can trust.

Due to the increase of spam, evaluating your website based on the number of visits will not give you information that you can trust. It is more important to learn who is interested in your website. 

Below you will find three tips to help you find quality data. 

Tip Number One: Audience

"who" = Audience.

Go to Audience > then click on Interests. 

A. Affinity categories Report

Useful for prospecting since it tells you who has been wandering throughout the website 

B. In-market segment Report

Tells you, based on Google's knowledge of your visitors, who is most likely to buy from you. 

Ideally you would you this information to change to content on your website. 

Tip Number Two: Behavior

"Change" = Behavior 

Go to Behavior > Site Content Report

Choose the 3 top pages, based on their ranking (ignore the home page which is shown as / ) and edit the content of those pages to make the checkout process easier for your leads (in-market segment report) and increase awareness for the prospects (affinity categories report). 

Tip Number Three : Local Data

Google My Business has great information. To see the report, go to "Insights"  - you will find it on the left side of your screen when you open your profile.

In this report, the most important information is under the heading Local data. Here is what it tells you: 

Direct - Your marketing is working. These visitors knew who they were looking for. 

Discovery - Like the affinity categories report above, it tells you who wandered their way into your profile. 

Branded - Visitors who arrived to your Google page as a related suggestion when they were looking at a similar business. 

That's all. We hope you learned a thing or two on how to improve your website. By the way, both Google Analytics and Google My Business have great apps that you can download. 

The best timeline to evaluate this data is 3 months at a time. 

If you have any questions, contact us.