Culture of Security in Business

Posted On: November 01, 2018

Businesses today are well aware of the necessity of in-house compliance with sexual harassment and HIPPA regulations. Few, however, are aware of the regulations surrounding data privacy and identity theft.

Businesses are to maintain an active and ongoing Culture of Security which includes training for all employees, including new hires. It also requires creating a systematically built and maintained shield for customers, clients, and employees with a specific person assigned responsibility for that compliance. One of the key factors in minimizing liability and cost is being able to demonstrate a “good faith” effort when a breach is identified, an effort where every employee is part of the shield.

Information breaches occur all the time. Not even the federal government is immune, and the numbers can be crippling. While outside hacking makes news, a huge percentage of breaches originate from within the business when a computer screen is visible for outsiders or even fellow employees to see or when an open file is left on the desk.

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