Abandoned Shopping Carts Management | Denise Brooks

Posted On: August 01, 2019

August 12, 2019

Are you selling online and wanting to know a bit more about customers who do not complete their purchases with you? I share 4 practical ideas that would be helpful to your e-commerce business.
Relax! Do you remember when you used to window shop at the mall? Not all abandoned carts are leads, do not stress about it. You can *not* force someone to buy your stuff.

Beyond the fact that you cannot force someone to buy from you. On Youtube, I shared 2 ideas :
1. Go to the sites error log and make sure you are not experiencing a technical issue especially if you notice an increase.
2. Know your market, are your clients open to remarketing? If no, use mail chimp.
3. Offer guest check out.
4. Make sure your shipping cost & procedure are available before getting to checkout.

1. It is not a tech issue.
2. Apply remarketing if possible.
3. Offer guest check out.
4. Clear shipping guidelines.