QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks is fast becoming the industry standard for retail financial organization. Early on in the evolution of financial programming, Intuit recognized needs went far beyond personal checkbook balancing. Retailers needed a complete and integrated point of sales software system to meet all of their financial record-keeping needs. Intuit, therefore, went about creating and gathering what was needed to make that happen.

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Because the needs are diverse, the software system must necessarily be so as well. The Point of Sale system is complex and meticulously integrated, most often beyond retailer technical skills to install and maintain. While the Intuit User Guide is clearly laid out and visually simple, it assumes sophisticated and well integrated prior knowledge only highly conversant and detail-oriented technicians can successfully follow.

Examples of complexity are installing the correct sales tax rate(s), networking data files and integrating firewalls. Further, necessarily compatible hardware including the required number and correct type of computer ports and printer are necessary. However, once correctly installed and then systematically maintained, the system is complete, accurate and easy to use. Multitasking, working on different parts of the program at the same time and switching between them, is easily manageable.

Alexis Information Systems

Denise Brooks is a Certified Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Specialist in the Southern Region able to help you implement this system for your point of sale retail site. These needs include payroll, inventory and financial records. Further, with Denise as your consultant, you can purchase a license at a discount that helps defray consulting costs.

The process will begin with selecting a server workstation and then installing the point of sale program. Prompt point-of-sale registration keeps your software functional and allows access to valuable features. In addition, Licenses must be correctly merged in synchronized.

The process continues with configuring your program options. Inventory set up involves creating useful departments and adding vendors and inventory items. Next, Point of Sale needs to be customized by adding employees, assigning security rights and setting up sales tax options as well as defining printing options. The program will also keep track of receiving and selling merchandise, writing reports and sharing data with QuickBooks financial software.

Alexis Information Systems

In addition, information from your old system needs to be incorporated into the new one. This information includes settling any pending credit card/debit transactions, handling data exchanges, making a back up of your Point of Sale company data file and ensuring passwords have necessary protections, including some that are restricted to the administrative user.

Finally, using Denise as your consultant will allow you to easily install updates on an already complex system. Further, learning how to use these updates is part of your consultant service and will prevent wasted time wading through technical information. An all in one, compatible and continually updated point-of-sale retail financial system is only a phone call away.